WINS: Peter Towner

WINS: Peter Towner

This week, we sat down with Police and Safety Officer, Peter Towner. Towner was a stand out player on the men's soccer team from 2009-2011, came back in 2013 to study in the police academy and is now a Police and Safety Officer for Mercyhurst University.

What was your playing experience as an athlete at MNE? (when did you play)

"My playing experience at MNE was from 2009-2011, I was a two year member of the men's soccer team"


What is your best MNE soccer memory?  

"My best memory from soccer would be bonding with all my teammates on away trips, especially long ones"


What is your current role at MNE?

"My current role at MNE is police officer for the Mercyhurst police and safety"


Did anything at MNE as a student/athlete prepare you for what you are doing now?

"Being a student at MNE helped me become a police officer here because I gained a good education in my field of study. I was also a student here, so I understand what goes on and will be able to have a larger impact on the safety of the school"


What is the most important lesson you have learned from playing at MNE?

"Hard work and dedication payoff"


What is your most favorite memory as a student at MNE?

"My favorite memory from MNE was hanging out with my roommates and teammates"


 What was your best achievement as an athlete at MNE?

"My best achievement at MNE was making the "all region team" both years and also being awarded the leadership and MVP team awards my 2nd yr. I also had a record of most goals in a career that just recently was broken"


You have been an athlete, a student, and now an employee at Mercyhurst, what is it that attracts you to Mercyhurst?

"I'm not really sure, I like the school and both campuses. I feel at home here"


What sports did you play growing up? Besides Soccer

" I only played soccer"


Besides soccer, currently what is your favorite sport to watch? Play?

"My favorite sport to watch would be hockey and I don't play any other sports other than soccer"


What are your favorite professional sport teams?

"My favorite pro team is the Pittsburgh Penguins"


 Who is your all-time favorite athlete?

"My all-time favorite athlete is Thierry Henry"


If you could be any athlete for a day, who would you be and why?  

"I would want to be Michael Jordan while he still played because he is probably the most recognizable/well known athlete of all time"


What is your all-time favorite music band?  

" I don't really have one"


What is your all-time favorite food?

"My all-time favorite food is pizza"


What is your all-time favorite movie?

"My favorite movie is Casino Royale"


If you could go to lunch with any person, living or dead, real or fiction, who would it be and why? 

"If I could go to lunch with anyone it would be Superman, because he is Superman"


If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? 

"Police officer – I love what I do"


If you were in a beauty pageant and they asked you "if you had one wish, what would it be for," what is your response?

"My wish would be to end poverty, so many problems would be solved if everyone had the basic necessities of life"

Make sure to say hi if you see Peter Towner around campus this year. He is a fellow Saint and a true success story for Saints athletics and Mercyhurst North East.