Softball Gear Now On Sale!

Softball Gear Now On Sale!

Mercyhurst North East Saints Softball clothes are now available through a catalog sale, that the current team members are conducting. 29 different items ranging from shirts, pants, and even backpacks are now available for purchase. These items are available for any current players, friends, family, alumni, etc. There are several different options for you to see the catalog and place an order:

1) You can see any current member of the Saints Softball team. They have a catalog and order form and would be happy to take your order.

2) You can email coach Brian Dewey and tell him what you want. He has a running order form in his office for anyone who doesn't see the current players.

3) If you want to view the catalog in a better format then the attached picture, simply email bdewey@mercyhurst and he can email you a digital version of the catalog.

4) While the catalog has different hats, you should also know that the official team hat (worn by coach Dewey and coach Bretz) is NOT in the catalog and can be purchased directly from Coach Dewey for $20.

This sale ends Oct 23rd to assure all items will be in by Thanksgiving.