Women's Soccer Lands Six Players All Conference

all conference

Saturday saw six Saints from the Mercyhurst North East Saints receive all conference selections. Juliana Angrignon, Cierra Barber, Kaincie-Jo Pesta, Hannah Piemme, Rachel Skelton and Krista Tabacchi were the recipients of the awards that were testament to their efforts on the field in the 2019 Season.


GK Barber was 3rd in the NATION for saves on goal and has produced some stunning saves to keep the Saints in games time and time again. She also became much more of a presence on the field and someone who inspired teammates in front her.


Freshman Jules Angrignon was a colossus at the back this year for the saints and received so many kind words from the opposition coaching staff with her warrior like displays during difficult circumstances. As a Captain and a leader Jules was first class, a thoroughly deserving recognition of the consummate professional she is.


Kaincie-Jo Pesta was a sophomore who improved every single practice and really took the advice of the coaching staff to heart. She was always fully focused in practice and would demonstrate this by regularly asking questions and also making good decisions on the ball.


Rachel Skelton is every Coaches dream. Always on time, working to her maximum potential and never giving up. Rachel displayed every quality MNE wants to instill in its students athletes and is a great servant to the program. Always reliable on and off the field.


Hannah Piemme epitomizes everything a hard working person should be. She also led the team on Goals this year and created so much for her teammates around her. Hannah is a wonderful player and person and is deserving of this recognition as she ends her Career with MNE Saints by being the most creative player on the team and constantly looking to improve her game.


Krista Tabacchi was the final player to receive the award for ALL conference due to her leading the team in Assists. Krista's natural ability on the ball and speed made her a danger for every defender she played against. With the ability to run to goal or run down the line and in behind she was a constant threat for the opposition and they would often put their most physical player on Krista to stop her, especially in the final game where the opposition player pushed her over in the box as she skipped by her.